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The 5th New York Veteran Volunteer Infantry,
Duryées Zouaves, 1863-1865

 36 X 48 oil on wood panel


(front row, left to right) Captain Lawrence Murphy, Captain George Guthrie, Captain Henry 

Schickhardt, Colonel Cleveland Winslow, Captain Charles Montgomery

(showing the different Zouave uniforms worn by the unit; 

used as the cover art for the book, We Came To Fight, by Patrick A. Schroeder)


Collection of 

Schroeder Publications

Lynchburg, Virginia

To Order Prints of this painting, please visit:  www.civilwar-books.com

Close-Up of Col. Winslow  -- Click here to see other close-ups of portraits

Historic Portrait Artist

Colonel Cleveland Winslow


Patsy Arrington Dorsett

can be reached at:
(540) 342-8367
Vinton, Virginia

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